Keeping the dream alive

The country’s situation is depressingly dire at present. Already there are more than 7000+ dead in a drug war that has seen no due process and the death of innocents including children. More than that, everything that has happened so far seems to be a smokescreen for the real endgame: Bringing back the Marcoses to absolute power in the Philippines.

It heartening that though this blog has been rather silent in the past few months, people have still been coming especially during the the height of the 31st anniversary of the People Power Revolution. What this means is that, regardless of the revisionist history the Marcoses have been peddling for the past few years, the obvious supporter they have in the President of the Republic (How can he do that when his own mother worked to bring these people down?), and the hatchet job on Vice President Leni Rebredo that will start sooner that any of us think (with plagiarized photos at that!), there are still people looking for information, good information, on what happened during those dark days of Martial Law. Regardless of the claims of the Marcos loyalists and apologists, Martial Law or the time of the Marcoses in power were not the golden age of the Philippines. Far from it.

This post will be short as it has only one aim: To say that there is still much that needs to be done.

We failed in the past thirty years to preserve and truly honor the sacrifice not only of those people who braved the risks of EDSA in 1986 but also of those who suffered and still continue to suffer from the whip that was the Marcos Martial Law. We failed to value and impart our recent history to our people and our youth (those whom we now refer to as “millennials” and allowed the whitewash of the misdeeds of the past even in our history books. We failed to bring those who raped and pillaged our country to justice so much so that the money they took from us are again being used against us through media efforts, extortion, and influence peddling. Clearly, the age of guns, goons, and gold are back.

There is so much more to say about those dark days. We will focus on those and leave the stories of the present to legitimate news agencies and groups. We will, however, talk about, at times, other things as well — what it means to value life and why it is important, what is a democracy, why we should respect the views of other people at all times and fight so that others always have a chance to air their views, and even simple stuff like being able to tell if some information needs to be scrutinized further if it’s legitimate or not.

Keep the dream alive, folks. The darkness can only win if we hide our light.


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